Monday, August 5, 2013

YSA branch visit

I have been pretty busy this week but I know I have to put down in writing my first time experience at the YSA branch here in my stake last week. Well to start off I wasn't quite sure at what time sacrament meeting started. For some reason I thought it was 3pm but it turned out to be 1pm. I arrived at the stake center at 1230pm and was probably there for 5 minutes when I realized I had to leave if I wanted to get to the YSA sacrament meeting on time. I made it on time which was my first mistake because no one was there yet! So I sat in my car for a few minutes waiting to see if anyone I knew showed up. After a while people started showing up and I tried to mix in with the small crowd. Of course everyone notices a newcomer and before I knew it I was surrounded by the branch presidency and I am sure by some of the branch leaders. They all gave me a warm welcome and jokingly asked if I had given up on my home ward. I shrugged my shoulders and simply stated I was visiting.
It was definitely different. It was a good type of different though. Sacrament meeting, especially the administration of the sacrament, was especially reverent. I felt the Spirit so strongly the entire time. Of course one of the things that made it a little uncomfortable is that the branch is a very tight knit group and it can be pretty hard to fit in right away because well let's face it no one really knows what to do when a new guy shows up. But I knew a couple of people there so it wasn't too bad
I had a good experience overall. I would consider transferring my membership records if I didn't currently have a calling that I enjoy as ward mission leader in my home ward. As well distance is also an issue. I would need to drive an additional 20 minutes just to get to Church every Sunday. At this time I really can't afford to do that. I will though still be attending the social activities. I enjoyed every bit of it. I am glad the Church offers YSA wards/branches so our faith can be strengthened with fellow believers.