Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the joys of a missionary are his converts

Recently I have enjoyed visiting the wards that I served in while I was a missionary. That is one of the perks for having served a mission in my own backyard . I am blessed to see and visit my converts on a constant basis. I was in the Pharr ward this last Sunday to see one of the sisters I baptized in Pharr give a talk. She did an amazing job! Her talk was all about missionary work and how we as members have to participate in it. She did great quoting scripture and even using Preach My Gospel for part of her talk. Her daughter as well recently came home from serving a mission as well and gave a great talk on missionary-member service.
I was able to see a family that I taught and baptized there as well. It is a family composed of a father and mother and their four sons. The father and 2 of the sons are worthy priesthood holders active in the Church. I felt beyond blessed to see them there and see as well what the Lord had done for them.
Later on that day I drove over to my  stake center for General Priesthood meeting. I got there a few minutes late (Mormon standard time). It was a great meeting that was held. It really put things into perspective to me. I really need to do my part in hastening the work here in South Texas. I am praying more fervently that I may recognize missionary opportunities that are placed before me.
At the end of the meeting as I was about to walk out I was approached by one of my converts from Brownsville. What a blessing it was to see him there. He is now a worthy Melchizedek priesthood holder in his ward. I was so happy to see him and catch up with him about the things he has been. The Lord has really blessed him for his efforts.
My patriarchal blessing tells me that because of my efforts more missionaries will go out to the world and preach the gospel. I can see how that can become true. As my converts and their families grow and stay strong in the gospel I know missionaries will come from them and they in turn will go out into the world and bless the lives of countless others.
I too think of my own life and how I was blessed by the missionary service of faithful elders from this great Church. It has been a long and tough journey for me but it has been almost four  years since I joined the Church and it has blessed me tremendously. I am grateful for missionary service and the blessing it was in my life!