Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm a Mormon

I have been meaning to write a second post for a while now. I have been creating and editing it in my mind. I love to write!

Well yesterday I was at my stake youth conference and I was asked to talk at the fireside. It went well. I realized I enjoy public speaking. I guess I have known that for a while now and the reason I say that is because I have never really cringed at the idea of giving a talk or anything of that sort. Anyway the youth really liked what I shared. They were laughing and participating throughout my talk. It was great!

Anyway I just finished coming back from a lunch with my other co-workers. There is a pretty friendly environment at work. Of course I still feel out of place when certain topics or jokes are made that are not appropriate or that go against my ideals. As we were eating several of my co-workers started ordering alcoholic drinks. Not everyone did though but of course everyone quickly noticed. One of my co-workers asked why I wasn't drinking and I simply said, "I'm a Mormon". It felt great saying that! I love sharing the gospel and I am grateful that I served a mission because now I am not afraid of stating who I am. Towards the end of the lunch the same co-worker turned around and asked me a few basic questions about the Church. I was so happy!

I am glad that I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I also know that people will always look at members of the Church as different. I am grateful though that I believe what I do and that I can also stand up for what I know to be true.

I plan on writing more. It is a great experience to write and share what is going through my mind. I plan to keep this blog fully updated I will touch upon a lot of different subjects that I find to be important.

Thanks for reading!