Friday, August 9, 2013

Mormon CPR--Church, pray and read!

Thanks for visiting my blog!  I checked the traffic for my blog and it is pretty constant which is a good thing because it keeps me motivated to keep writing.

The beginning of my week was a bit stressful but Heavenly Father pulled through for me and I saw his hand in all of the things I went through this week.

A few days ago the elders came to my house to check up on how I was doing with what as missionaries we called CPR which stands for Church, pray and read. I was pretty suprised they asked me how I was doing with those basics of the gospel. After all, I am an active member of the Church with a calling and I wondered as to why they asked me. As I sat there thinking I realized that I may have outwardly been performing the aforementioned CPR but it was not having an inner effect on me. I realized I had to do it more earnestly. The visit by the elders was much needed and genuine. I love them for their service and Spirit led inspiration to visit me. What I learned that day would later serve me later in the week.

A few days later the elders called me to visit an investigator. We showed up and the investigator wasn't home. I told the elders that if they didn't need my help I was  going to go visit a less active member on my own. I left and went to visit the member.

The member and I are pretty good friends, in fact he was one of my original fellowshippers when I was investigating the Church. We had a very honest and open conversation about why he had become less active. Thanks to having served a mission ( in the best place in the world-Texas McAllen Mission) I realized that his doubts are really smokescreens  to cover what he hasn't been doing. He hasn't read his scriptures in months and not even pronounced a single prayer in in that time. No wonder his desire to be active in the Church is gone! As I left I realized that the  desire to be active can leave any member of the Church as they neglect  the commandments mainly covered by CPR.

I am not stating that I am a better person nor member of the Church merely because I keep the commandments but I know where I stand and hold to be
true because I choose to do so. As well, by doing so my faith and resolve are strengthened.

What a blessing to have Spirit led revelation and full time missionaries who follow its guidance. May we all strive never to lose our first love that is  Christ and His Church!

Thanks for reading!