Friday, August 16, 2013

From the ER

I am currently sitting in the waiting room of the local hospital. I am not feeling too well at the moment. I will not go into detail about what happened here just because there are some things I would rather not put online. You are all free to ask though but I will be fine.

This week at work has been rather stressful. I am trying to do my best because I really want to get promoted to another department and the only way I am going to do that is if I work hard and get noticed. It is well worth it though.

Some of the other things that I have been working on as of late is maintaining my level of spirituality. Coming out of the mission I felt like a spiritual giant. Granted I knew changes were ahead when I would go home but I wasn't prepared for what awaited me at home. I was quickly bombarded with many things that wanted my attention and sadly I gave way to them. But as of late my desire to go back to daily scripture reading and praying has increased. I am grateful for the missionaries in my area for they have truly revived me spiritually. I feel the presence of the Holy Ghost so strongly in my life once again. They are hosting weekly Book of Mormon studies at our chapel and I have been there every Thursday for the last few weeks. It is such a blessing to fellowship with other Saints from Raymondville.

Well I am now lying on a hospital bed. ;) Anyway I have also decided that it is high time to get married. (What an abrupt change of subject!) Of course I need to find someone to marry first. That's why I have decided to proactively date. In other words take things into my own hands and ask girls from Church on dates. I am excited for that. I am sure it will take away from the monotony of home, work and Church. Anyway I am going on my first date soon. I will keep you posted on what happens! Of course for my non-Mormon readers, dating is much more than a way to have fun (which it is) but it's also something very serious. Mormons look for eternal companions and those who are willing to live the faith the rest of their lives. That is my desire!

Well I need to put the phone down. Thanks for reading.